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Worried about your career ?

No Job Satisfaction?

No time for your family?

Want to establish your business globally?

Want to be your own boss……..

Dealing with post Covid lockdown problems. Get to know more about the value added course and how to overcome the negativity during this pandemic situation. 

Why not learn Digital Marketing – a one step solution for all your problems.

You may think Digital Marketing can be pursued only if your tech savvy…..

Enter the world of Digital Marketing

What is Marketing?

Anything that has value can be marketed. A product, service, place, person ,an idea, an event, an organization , a property or an experiences. No business can survive without effective marketing and branding. Marketing is all about connecting right consumers at the right place and at the right time.

What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is the use of internet to reach your consumers. It is used to identify, build and target audience into paying customers for a product or service.

Have you seen your facebook, linkedln, twitter pages filled with advertisements ? This is known as digital marketing where people sell their services or products digitally. People can reach out to large number of consumers with minimal cost. Statistics show that digital marketing is blooming worldwide.

Global ad spend has reached $605 billion in 2020. By 2021, business will spend more on digital advertising rather than on print media and TV combined.

Global social media ad spend reached $84 billion in 2019.

Mobile advertising is getting more saturated accounting for 30.5% of global ad spend in 2020.

2.65 billion people are into social media and it is expected to reach 3.1 billion by 2021.

Facebook is the best platform for businesses as 89% of marketers use for brand marketing, 83% consumers use this platform, 66% like or follow the brands on social media

Who can learn?

You need not have an IT background to pursue this course. Just a basic knowledge of computer is far enough. There is no age bar to become a digital marketer.  The good news is getting started with digital marketing is quite easy. You just need dedication and a good mentor.

Scope in Digital Marketing

In today’s world where people are addicted to social media, advertising the products /services digitally has gained more popularity. Digital media is the fastest and reliable mode of marketing to target mass audience. This career focuses on creative minds. A wide range of digital marketing jobs involve-:

Getting started in the career

Get to know the basics of digital marketing.

Create your online presence.

Create your own website

Select your niche

Get started with WordPress – a free and open source of content management system.Themes and Plugins Bundle for WordPress websites. GET, SET and GO

Start writing Blogs

Use your creativity and create content.

Learn about Google analytics

Start with establishing your product or service with Facebook ads

Start running Google ads

Become an Seo expert

Create leads and send emails through email marketing tools

How to develop a marketing strategy? 

Get to know your audience well. Understand their preferences and find out what they want. Understand the 4P’s of marketing ” Product, Price, Promotion, Place”

How Marketing Strategy works in the Digital World.

Digital Marketing revolves around the 5 D’s – Digital devices, digital media, digital data digital technology and digital platforms. Digital devices  Devices like smart phones, tablets, desktop computers, TVs and gaming devices focuses on targeting audience interaction and engagement on websites and mobile applications. Digital platforms Facebook, Linkedln ,Google, Youtube , Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter engages audiences according to their preferences. Digital Media It refers to paid ,owned and earned communication channels which helps to build market through advertising emails ,messaging ,search engines and social networks. Digital data It consists of audience profile collected through lead forms, survey forms and subscriptions and engaging with B2B businesses. Digital Technology It builds interactive experiences through websites and  mobile apps.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

The biggest financial burden borne by the business is marketing and advertising cost. Shelling out a big chunk of money for largescale businesses is a matter of penny but for small businesses the adspent is a nightmare. This is where Digital Marketing helps businesses to advertise their products at minimal cost to mass audience. It provides huge return on investment. It offers a substantial return on small investments. When compared to traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing of running ads on social media platforms costs less. Digital marketing allows you to easily measure the success of the campaign as compared to traditional marketing where it takes weeks or months to measure the success. A Digital marketing campaign lets you immediately know how your ad is responding to consumers. Measurable tools – Email marketing allows you to track the performance of your emails, the open rate of the mails sent and their conversions. Google Analytics a very effective tool to verify the performance of the website or blog. Google Adwords  allows you check the performance of the ads on Google search by  reporting you the number of people viewing the ads and their conversion rate. You can easily adjust or change your campaigns whenever and wherever you wish to according to the performance of your ad. Whereas in traditional marketing, it requires a lot of paperwork to change an ad which is not performing. Digital marketing helps in building brand and reputation with the help of a well developed website, blog with well written articles and a social media channel which is highly interactive. The world has turned into a global village with digitization. This is where Digital marketing plays its important role. You can reach out to the world with just one mouse click. This helps the small start ups to expose themselves globally. Digital marketing allows you to target ideal customers through segmentation and demographics. It allows the communication between companies and consumers directly. This is one of the important benefits of digital marketing. I hope you had a great time reading this article. Discover the world of Digital marketing.

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Traditional marketing is TELLING the world YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR

Content marketing is SHOWING that YOU ARE THE ONE………